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  • Electromagnetic Field Theory (EC-5001)

    Electromagnetic Field Theory (EC-5001) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Review of vector calculus: orthogonal coordinate systems, gradient, divergence and curl. Laplacian operator for scalar and vectors. Vector integral and differential identities and theorems. Phasor representation of harmonic variation of scalar and vectors
    Static electric fields, Columb’s law, electric flux density and electric field intensity, permittivity, dielectric constant, field of distributed charges in free space, potential function, Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations, electric dipole, stored electric energy density. Boundary conditions at abrupt discontinuities between two media including conducting boundaries, surface charge distribution capacitance between two isolated conductors

    UNIT 2:
    Solution of Laplace’s equations in systems of dielectric and conducting boundaries, uniqueness theorem, two dimensional boundary condition problems, solution by symmetry, conformal transformation of functions, image theory etc. fields in parallel wire, parallel plane and coaxial systems.
    Static currents and magnetic fields- flow of charge in conductive media, lossy conductive medium, current density, specific conductivity, mobility, explanation of Ohm’s law employing mobility. Magnetic effects of current flow, Biot-Savart’s law in vector form magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux, and permeability, closed loop currents, Ampere’s circuital law in integral and differential vector form, magnetic vector potential and related equations. Problems related to straight wire toroidal and cylindrical solenoids, inductance. Boundary conditions on magnetic field, equivalent surface currents for abrupt discontinuity of magnetic field.

    UNIT 3:
    Time varying fields – Faraday’s law in integral and differential forms, displacement current concept, Maxwell’s equations in differential and integral forms, wave equations in source free region electric and magnetic stored energy density, continuity equation, Poynting vector theorem. Time harmonic fields, r.m.s. phasor representation of field vectors, Maxwell’s equations for TH field, average energy density, complex Poynting vector, duality concept. Helmholtz wave equation, general solution in free space in various coordinates, plane polarized wave in free space, properties of plane waves, wave front, power flow, stored energy density.

    UNIT 4:
    Circular and elliptic polarization, resolution in terms of linear polarized waves and vice- versa. Plane waves in lossy medium, low loss dielectric, good conducting and ionized media, complex permittivity, loss tangent, skin depth, transmission line analogy, boundary conditions at perfect conductor surface, surface current density Interference of two plane waves traveling at oblique directions.

    UNIT 5:
    Reflection and refraction of plane waves at dielectric media and conducting Surfaces, Brewster’s angle, total internal reflection, resultant fields and power flow in both media. Frequency dispersive propagation, phase velocity and group velocity. Magnetic vector potential for sources in free space, retarded potential, radiation principles, boundary condition at infinity


    Books Recommended

    1. Mathew N.O Sadiku: Elements of Electromagnetic, Oxford University Press
    2. William H. Hayt: Engineering Electromagnetic, TMH.
    3. John D. Kraus: Electromagnetics, Mc. Graw Hill.
    4. Jordan Balmian: Electromagnetic wave and Radiating System, PHI.
    5. David K. Cheng: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave, Addison Wesley.
    6. Ramo, Whinnerry and VanDuzzer “ Fields and waves in communication electronics “, Wiley 1984
    7. Harrington RF, “Electromagnetic fields” Mc Graw Hill

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