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  • Industrial Electronics (EC-5005)

    Industrial Electronics (EC-5005) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Power Supplies Power supply, rectifiers (half wave, full wave), performance parameters of power supplies, filters (capacitor, inductor, inductor-capacitor, pi filter), bleeder resistor, voltage multipliers . Regulated power supplies (series and shunt voltage regulators, fixed and adjustable voltage regulators, current regulator), switched regulator (SMPS), comparison of linear and switched power supply, switch mode converter (flyback, buck, boost, buk-boost, cuk converters).

    UNIT 2:
    Thyristors Silicon controlled rectifies (SCR), constructional features, principle of operation, SCR terminology, turn-on methods, turn-off methods, triggereing methods of SCR circuits, types of commutation, comparison of thyristors and transistors, thermal characteristics of SCR, causes of damage to SCR, SCR overvoltage protection circuit, seies and parrel operation of sCRs, Line commutated converters (half wave rectifier with inductive and resistive load, single phase and three phase full wave rectifiers).

    UNIT 3:
    Other members of SCR family Triacs, Diacs, Quadracs, recovery characteristics, fast recovery diodes, power diodes, power transistor, power MOSFET, Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), loss of power in semiconductor devices, comparison between power MOSFET, power transistor and power IGBT.

    UNIT 4:
    Applications of OP-AMP Basics of OP-AMP, relaxation oscillator, window comparator, Op-comp as rectangular to triangular pulse converter and vice- versa, Wien bridge oscillator, function generator, frequency response of OP-AMP, simplified circuit diagram of OP-AMP, power supplies using OP-AMP, filters (low-pass, high pass) using OP-AMP.

    UNIT 5:
    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Functions, applications, advantages and disadvantages of PLC over conventional relay controllers, comparison of PLC with process control computer system, factors to be considered in selecting PLC, functional block diagram of PLC, microprocessor in PLC, memory, input and output modules (interface cards), sequence of operations in a PLC, status of PLC, event driven device, ladder logic language, simple process control applications of PLC, Programming examples.


    Books Recommended

    1. Bishwanath Paul: Industrial Electronics and control, PHI Learning.
    2. Rashid: Power Electronics- Circuits, devices and applications, Pearson Education.
    3. Singh and Khanchandani: Power Electronics, TMH
    4. Bhimbra: Power Electronics, Khanna Publishers.
    5. Moorthi: Power Electronics, Oxford University Press.
    6. Webb: Programmable Logic Controllers- Principles and Applications, PHI Learning.
    7. Petruzulla: Programmable Logic Controllers, TMH.

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