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  • Satellite Communication (EC-7002)

    Satellite Communication (EC-7002) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Overview of satellite systems:
    Introduction, Frequency allocations for satellite systems. Orbits and launching methods: Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion, terms used for earth orbiting satellites, orbital elements, apogee and perigee heights, orbit perturbations, inclined orbits, local mean solar point and sun-synchronous orbits, standard time.

    UNIT 2:
    The Geostationary orbit:
    Introduction, antenna look angles, polar mount antenna, limits of visibility, near geostationary orbits, earth eclipse of satellite, sun transit outage, launching orbits. Polarization: antenna polarization, polarization of satellite signals, cross polarization discrimination. Depolarization: ionospheric, rain, ice.

    UNIT 3:
    The Space segment:
    introduction, power supply, attitude control, station keeping, thermal control, TT&C subsystem, transponders, antenna subsystem, Morelos and Satmex 5, Anik-satellites, Advanced Tiros-N spacecraft.
    The Earth segment: introduction, receive-only home TV systems, master antenna TV system, Community antenna TV system, transmit-receive earth station.

    UNIT 4:
    The space link:
    Introduction, Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIPR), transmission losses, the link power budget equation, system noise, carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N), the uplink, the downlink, effects of rain, combined uplink and downlink C/N ratio, inter modulation noise, inter-satellite links. Interference between satellite circuits.

    UNIT 5:
    Satellite services
    VSAT (very small aperture terminal) systems: overview, network architecture, access control protocols, basic techniques, VSAT earth station, calculation of link margins for a VSAT star network. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) Television and radio: digital DBS TV, BDS TV system design and link budget, error control in digital DBS-TV, installation of DBS-TV antennas, satellite radio broadcasting.


    Books Recommended

    1. Roddy: Satellite Communications, TMH.
    2. Timothy Prattt: Satellite Communications, Wiley India.
    3. Pritchard, Suyderhoud and Nelson: Satellite Communication Systems Engineering, Pearson Education.
    4. Agarwal: Satellite Communications, Khanna Publishers.
    5. Gangliardi: Satellite Communications, CBS Publishers.
    6. Chartrand: Satellite Communication, Cengage Learning.
    7. Raja Rao: Fundamentals of Satellite communications, PHI Learning.
    8. Monojit Mitra: Satellite Communication: PHI Learning.

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