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  • Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] (ME-7005)

    Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] (ME-7005) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Evolutionary stages of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Need for ERP, Variety accommodation, Strategic and operational issues in ERP, Integrated and Business model of ERP, Online analytical processing( OLAP)

    UNIT 2:
    Introduction to Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), ERP Implementation: Role of consultants, vendors and users, Guidelines and Procedure for ERP implementation, strategic advantage through ERP, ERP Domain.

    UNIT 3:
    Business module in ERP, Finance, Manufacturing, Human resources, Plant maintenance, Materials management, Quality management, Sales and Distribution.

    UNIT 4:
    Turbo Charge the ERP System, Enterprise Integration Applications (EIA), ERP and E – Commerce, ERP and internet , Future of ERP.

    UNIT 5:
    Resource Management, ERP – A Manufacturing perspective, ERP Case studies with applications and uses of software, E- business components and interrelationship, Integrated data model, Information Technology and computer net work support to MIS.


    Books Recommended

    1. Chhabra, Ahuja & Jain, Planning Men at Work.
    2. Enterprise Resource Planning, Concept and Practice Garg V.K. Venkitkrishnan N.K., PHI
    3. Business Process Re-Engineering, Jayaraman, , TMH.
    4. ERP by Alexis Leon
    5. Murdick & Ross, Management Information System, PHI.

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