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  • Life Cycle Costing of Structures (CE-7005)

    Life Cycle Costing of Structures (CE-7005) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Introduction ,Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (Lcca) Method,Costs ,Initial Costs-Purchase, Acquisition, Construction Costs, Fuel Costs,Operation, Maintenance, And Repair Costs ,Replacement Costs,Residual Values—Resale Or Salvage Values Or Disposal Costs, Finance Charges—Loan Interest Payments ,Non-Monetary Benefits Or Costs

    UNIT 2:
    Parameters for Present-Value Analysis, Discount Rate, Cost Period(S), Discounting Convention, Treatment of Inflation

    UNIT 3:
    Life-Cycle Cost Calculation, Supplementary Measures, Evaluation Criteria, Uncertainty Assessment in Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, sensitivity Analysis, Break-Even Analysis

    UNIT 4:
    Design and Analysis Tools, Applications, Relevant Codes and Standards, LCCA Guidelines for OMB Projects, LCCA Guidelines for FEMP Projects

    UNIT 5:
    Case study for application of LCC techniques and use of various software for LCC.



    1. Life Cycle Costing For Construction by J.W. Bull , Taylor & Francis.
    2. A Life Cycle Approach to Buildings By Niklaus Kohler, Holger König, Johannes Kreissig, Thomas Lützkendorf
    3. Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Built Assets by Whyte Andrew

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