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  • Cloud Computing (CS-8002)

    Cloud Computing (CS-8002) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Introduction: Historical development ,Vision of Cloud Computing, Characteristics of cloud computing as per NIST , Cloud computing reference model ,Cloud computing environments, Cloud services requirements, Cloud and dynamic infrastructure, Cloud Adoption and rudiments .Overview of cloud applications: ECG Analysis in the cloud, Protein structure prediction, Gene Expression Data Analysis ,Satellite Image Processing ,CRM and ERP ,Social networking

    UNIT 2:
    Cloud Computing Architecture: Cloud Reference Model, Types of Clouds, Cloud Interoperability & Standards, Scalability and Fault Tolerance, Cloud Solutions: Cloud Ecosystem, Cloud Business Process Management, Cloud Service Management. Cloud Offerings: Cloud Analytics, Testing Under Control, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

    UNIT 3:
    Cloud Management & Virtualization Technology: Resiliency, Provisioning, Asset management, Concepts of Map reduce , Cloud Governance, High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Virtualization: Fundamental concepts of compute ,storage, networking, desktop and application virtualization .Virtualization benefits, server virtualization, Block and file level storage virtualization Hypervisor management software, Infrastructure Requirements , Virtual LAN(VLAN) and Virtual SAN(VSAN) and their benefits

    UNIT 4:
    Cloud Security: Cloud Information security fundamentals, Cloud security services, Design principles, Secure Cloud Software Requirements, Policy Implementation, Cloud Computing Security Challenges, Virtualization security Management, Cloud Computing Secutity Architecture

    UNIT 5:
    Market Based Management of Clouds , Federated Clouds/Inter Cloud: Characterization & Definition ,Cloud Federation Stack , Third Party Cloud Services . Case study : Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure , Hadoop , Amazon , Aneka


    List of Experiments:

    1. Installation and configuration of Hadoop/Euceliptus etc.
    2. Service deployment & Usage over cloud.
    3. Management of cloud resources.
    4. Using existing cloud characteristics & Service models .
    5. Cloud Security Management. 6. Performance evaluation of services over cloud .

    Books Recommended

    1. Buyya, Selvi ,” Mastering Cloud Computing “,TMH Pub
    2. Kumar Saurabh, “Cloud Computing” , Wiley Pub
    3. Krutz , Vines, “Cloud Security “ , Wiley Pub
    4. Velte, “Cloud Computing- A Practical Approach” ,TMH Pub
    5. Sosinsky, “ Cloud Computing” , Wiley Pub

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