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  • Failure analysis & Trouble Shooting (ME-8003)

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    UNIT 1:
    Failure data and statistical distributions analysis.Reliability. The component’s life cycle. The equipment’s life cycle. Mechanical mechanisms associated with the components. Forces and vibration analysis. Safety factors. Different applications and case studies.

    UNIT 2:
    Failure analysis from the tribological considerations. Friction , wear and lubrication analysis , wear maps, lubricants and alternatives. Surface compatibility and elastic matching. Methods of friction reduction. Geometrical accuraciesassembly requirements

    UNIT 3:
    Failure analysis from material selection and subsequent treatments. Alloying elements, heat/ mechanical treatments. Mechanical elastic and plastic behavior of materials. Alternative newer materials. Microscopic/ macroscopic analysis.

    UNIT 4:
    Failure analysis from the production methods and maintenance procedures considerations. Faulty methods, fittings, assembly and disassembly problems, faulty maintenance methods, reconditioning, reverse engineering, Hand tools and preparation of inspection procedure.

    UNIT 5:
    Failure analysis and trouble shooting with specific processes and subsequent testing of individual components. Make or buy decisions, value analysis. NDT method of testing. BIS and other specifications.


    Books Recommended

    1 Machinery failure analysis and trouble shooting , H.P. Block and F.K.Geitner, Gulf publishing co.,ISBN 0-87201-872-5

    Tutorial topics.

    [1] Understanding the drawings and use of different drawing software.
    [2] Limits ,fits and dimensional/ geometrical/ assembly tolerances, Surface finish
    [3] Mechanical destructive and non destructive tests.
    [4] Solid, liquid and mist/ gas lubricants.
    [5] Trial, commissioning and test charts.
    [6] Chemical analysis of materials
    [7] Calibration of inspection instruments.

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