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  • Geo-Informatics (CE-8004)

    Geo-Informatics (CE-8004) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Basic Concepts Of Gis Basics of Geographic Information System (GIS): , Definition, Evolution & Components. GIS data input devices like scanner, digitizer, GPS, Remote sensing etc. Manual and semi-automatic line following digitization. Data Model: Raster Data Model, Grid ,Tessellations. Spatial and attribute data visualization and query. Open GIS consortium, Customization in GIS , Object Oriented GIS, Web GIS, Introduction to popular GIS software like Arc GIS and QGIS.

    UNIT 2:
    Geo Informatics In Urban Mapping And Management: Remote sensing for detection of urban features. Introduction & basic terminology. Digital image processing techniques – Case studies. Segmentation of Built-up areas – Classification algorithms – Land use/ Land cover mapping – change detection – high resolution remote sensing – case studies. Mapping transportation network –Alignment planning – Traffic and parking studies – Accident analysis – case studies. Urban growth modeling – Expert systems in planning.

    UNIT 3:
    Basic Concepts Of Photogrammetry :History and development:- Types of aerial photo, Classification of aerial cameras, Scale, Overlaps, Stereoscopy, Concepts, Viewing and measuring systems, Image and object coordinates, floating mark, parallax equation, height information, Tilt , Rectification , Displacement. Flight planning, computation for flight plan, photo control, cost estimation, aerial mosaics, types. Concepts of interior, relative, absolute orientation, object, image relation, linearization, effect of orientation elements , scaling and leveling , analytical procedures , map compilation using stereo plotters.
    Introduction to digital photogrammetry, Elements of Aero triangulation and analytical method, strip and block adjustment, Terrestrial photogrammetry.

    UNIT 4:
    GPS Surveying: Introduction & components of GPS, Space segment, control segment and user segment, Elements of Satellite based surveys-Map datums, GPS receivers, GPS observation methods and their advantages over conventional methods.

    UNIT 5:
    Remote Sensing: Principle, components, classification, application on environmental engineering, hydrology and water resources , agriculture & forestry, disaster management.
    Microwave Remote Sensing:Introduction, basic concepts, terminology and sensors in MWRS. Radar basics, radar interaction with earth surface ,geometry of radar images, radar return and image signature, resolution concepts.


    Books Recommended

    1.Plane Surveying- A. M. Chandra, New Age International.
    2.Surveying and Leveling-Part-I & IIT- P. Kanetkar and S. V. Kulkarni, Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan.
    3.Geoinformation: Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geographic Information SystemsGottfried Konecny, CRCPress
    4.Elements of Photogrammetry- Paul R.Wolf, McGraw-Hill
    5.Photogrammetry, Vol 1&II - Karl Kraus, Walter de Gruyter
    6.Remote Sensing and image interpretation- Lillesand T.M. and Kiefer R. W., Willey.
    7.Introduction to remote sensing - J. B. Campbell, John Villey.
    8.Introductory digital image processing- J. R., Jensen Prentice Hall.
    9.Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering- Kennie, T. J. M. and Matthews M. C., Surrey University Press.
    10.GPS satellite surveying- Alfred Leick,.Wiley
    11.GPS Theory, Algorithms and Applications- GuochengXu, Springer
    12.Microwave remote sensing vol-1,vol-2- Ulaby,F.T.,Moore,K.R. and Fung,Artech House Publishers.
    13.Principles and applications of Imaging - Floyd. M. Handerson Anthony, J.Lewis, Wiley.
    14.Air and space borne radar systems-An introduction- Philippe Lacomme and Eric Normant, Elsevier.
    15.Introduction to microwave remote sensing- Iain H.woodhouse,CRCPress
    16.Satellite Remote Sensing for Hydrology and Water Management- Eric C. Barrett, Clare H.Power, Taylor & Francis Ltd
    17.Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling Supportwith Geographic Information Systems- Dr. David Maidment, Dr. Dean Djokic, Esri Press

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