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  • Optimization Technique (ME-8004)

     RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Introduction to optimization, engineering applications in brief, design constrains and objectives, classifications, classical optimization techniques, single and multi variable optimization with no constraints/ equality / inequality constraints.

    UNIT 2:
    Linear programming, definitions and theorems, standard forms of linear programming , algorithms, two phases of the simplex methods, duality in programming, decomposition of principle, sensitivity analysis, transportation problems, quadratic programming.

    UNIT 3:
    Non linear programming, unconstrained techniques one dimension minimization methods, elimination and interpolation methods, practical considerations, implementation in multivariable problems, comparisons, constrained optimization techniques, direct / indirect methods, test problems, trusses, welded beams, gear train design, heat exchanger design

    UNIT 4:
    dynamic programming, introduction, posynomial, geometrical programming, unconstraint/ constraint minimization, applications of geometric programming, multistage decision processes, suboptimization and principles of optimality, computational procedures, linear programming as a case of dynamic programming, continuous dynamic programming, design of continuous beam, trusses,

    UNIT 5:
    Integer linear and non linear programming, graphical representation, stochastic programming, Introduction to genetic algorithm, neural network based optimization, practical aspect of optimization,


    Books Recommended

    1. S.S. Rao, Engineering optimization, New Age International Publishers,ISBN: 81 224 1149 5
    2. A. Ravindran,K. Ragsdell and G. Reklaitis, Engineering Opimization, John wiley &Sons
    3. K. Deb, Optimization for Engineering Design, Prentice Hall of India

    Tutorial topics.

    [1] Lagrange Multipliers and use in optimization problems
    [2] Simplex method, Duel simplex method
    [3] Constraint qualifications
    [4] Convex programming problems
    [5] Comparison of elimination methods
    [6] Newton method, quasi Newton method
    [7] Penalty function method
    [8] Simulated Annealing

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