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  • Optimization Technique (ME-8004)

    Optimization Technique (ME-8004) RGPV notes CBGS


    UNIT 1:
    Introduction to optimization, engineering applications in brief, design constrains and objectives, classifications, classical optimization techniques, single and multi variable optimization with no constraints/ equality / inequality constraints.

    UNIT 2:
    Linear programming, definitions and theorems, standard forms of linear programming , algorithms, two phases of the simplex methods, duality in programming, decomposition of principle, sensitivity analysis, transportation problems, quadratic programming.

    UNIT 3:
    Non linear programming, unconstrained techniques one dimension minimization methods, elimination and interpolation methods, practical considerations, implementation in multivariable problems, comparisons, constrained optimization techniques, direct / indirect methods, test problems, trusses, welded beams, gear train design, heat exchanger design.

    UNIT 4:
    dynamic programming, introduction, posynomial, geometrical programming, unconstraint/ constraint minimization, applications of geometric programming, multistage decision processes, suboptimization and principles of optimality, computational procedures, linear programming as a case of dynamic programming, continuous dynamic programming, design of continuous beam, trusses

    UNIT 5:
    Integer linear and non linear programming, graphical representation, stochastic programming, Introduction to genetic algorithm, neural network based optimization, practical aspect of optimization



    1.S.S. Rao, Engineering optimization, New Age International Publishers,ISBN: 81 224 1149 5
    2.A. Ravindran,K. Ragsdell and G. Reklaitis, Engineering Opimization, John wiley &Sons
    3.K. Deb, Optimization for Engineering Design, Prentice Hall of India

    Tutorial topics:

    [1] Lagrange Multipliers and use in optimization problems
    [2] Simplex method, Duel simplex method
    [3] Constraint qualifications
    [4] Convex programming problems
    [5] Comparison of elimination methods
    [6] Newton method, quasi Newton method
    [7] Penalty function method
    [8] Simulated Annealing

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