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  • Urban Transportation Planning (CE-8003)

    Urban Transportation Planning (CE-8003) RGPV notes CBGS Bachelor of engineering


    UNIT 1:
    Transportation Planning Process: Definition of Study Area; Zoning Principles; Types of Surveys: Home Interview Studies, Commercial Vehicle Surveys, Road Side Interview Methods, Public Transport Studies, Land Use Inventory; O-D Matrix and Desire Line Diagram. Accident Studies & Mass Transportation : (i)Accident Studies : Causes of accidents, accident studies and records, condition and collision diagram, preventive measures. (ii) Expressways and freeways, problems on mass transportation and remedial measures, brief study of mass transportation available in the country.

    UNIT 2:
    Trip Generation: Four Stage UTP Process; Travel Demand Models; Sequential Models and Direct Demand Models; Factors affecting Travel Demand; Trip Generation; Multiple Regression Analysis; Category Analysis; Aggregate and Disaggregate Models. TRIP Distribution: Trip Distribution Models- Growth Factor Models: Uniform Growth Factor, Average Growth Factor, Fratar Method and Furness Method; Limitations of Growth factor Models; Gravity Model – Calibration of Gravity Model.; Opportunity Models. Traffic Assignment: Purpose of Traffic Assignment; Assignment Techniques-All-or-Nothing Assignment, Multiple Route Assignment, Capacity restraint assignment; Use of Diversion Curves in Assignment.

    UNIT 3:
    Mode Split: Factors affecting Mode Split; Pre–distribution Mode Split; PostDistribution Mode Split; Advantages and Disadvantages; Probit, Logit and Discriminant Analysis in Mode Split. Land use and transportation system: Urban system components, Concept and definitions, criteria for measuring and comparing urban structure, land use and transportation.

    UNIT 4:
    Pavement Design Factors: Design wheel load, strength characteristics of pavement materials, climatic variations, traffic - load equivalence factors and equivalent wheel loads. Flexible Pavements Design: Component parts of the pavement structures and their functions, stresses in flexible pavements, Stress distribution through various layers, Boussinesque’s theory , Burmister’s two layered theory, methods of design, Group Index method, CBR method, IRC method, AASHTO method, Burmister’s method and North Dakota cone method. Applications of pavement design software.

    UNIT 5:
    Rigid Pavements: Evaluation of sub grade, Modulus-K by plate bearing test and the test details, Westergaard’s stress theory stresses in rigid pavements, Temperature stresses, warping stresses, frictional stresses, critical combination of stresses, critical loading positions. Rigid Pavement Design: Types of joints and their functions, joint spacing; design of CC pavement for roads, highways and expressways as per IRC, AASHTO, design of joints. Design of continuously reinforced concrete pavements. Reliability; Use of software for rigid pavement design.


    Books Recommended

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    10. Relevant IRC Codes
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    13. Principles of Transportation Engineering : P. Chakraborty and A. Das
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    15. Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning: : L.R. Kadyal

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